Heal Earth

Heal Earth is a 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Nonprofit Building God's Kingdom

Mission Work

Heal the World with Natural Medicine

Learn how we advocate for healing the suicide and mental health epidemic plaguing America & the World

Ending Houselessness

Developing Housing Programs to be Thy Brothers Keeper.

Raise 100 Billion to Heal the Amazon

We are protecting the Amazon by creating Alliances with Indigenous Nations & committing billions for change.

Ohai Social Good Network

We are building a web3 operating system that heals the earth.

Education for All

We are developing an open-source K-12 design thinking based curriculum for the Americas & the world.

Plant 1 Trillion Trees

Planting the seeds of change to heal the Earth.

Build a Heavenly Bank for the Kingdom

The open-source Bank of Tov (Goodness) will be a public good bank that serves both the people and the Lord.

A Public Benefit Trust for Mother Earth

We are creating a nonprofit public benefit Trust holding company that builds and buys businesses that serve God's Kingdom


What we Believe

God is Love, God is Good, Gratitude is the Attitude, We Love Our Relatives...

Elder Council

Our Elder Council exists to guide our mission and our values for the highest good of all beings.

Plan Your Visit

Come for a wellness retreat to our Sanctuary in Ecuador.

The Founder

Hey I'm Matt Weintrub. Founder & Spiritual Director. My hebrew name is יונה which means dove...


The Psychedelic Origin of Religion

Explore the Origin of Religion. Available now at Amazon, Apple, Spotify & Audible.

The Science of Tora

The Way of Loving Kindness (חֶסֶד) explores the science of ancestral Tora.

The Science of Reincarnation

An open-source book that exists to explain the great mystery of why we come to earth.

Heal.Earth is based in Dallas, TX at 3225 Turtle Creek Blvd

Heal.Earth Church is a public benefit non-profit building Heaven on Earth. Thy Kingdom Come ☮️💚


God is Love

Love is from God. God's Kingdom Lives in our Hearts.

God is Good

We believe the God is Good because We Were Given the Gift of Life and a beautiful home on this sacred Earth.

Gratitude is the Attitude

We believe cultivating Gratitude is the way to inner peace. We Give Thanks Always.

We Love Our Relatives

We Honor God by loving all of God's children with all our heart, mind and soul. We see all beings as our relatives.

Kindness is the Way

We believe in sharing Kindness, Joy, Charity and Compassion with all our relations.

Care for the Earth

We believe in giving our Children a better world.

We're Here to Build the Kingdom

We believe in living a life of heavenly action where our resources serve God.

About Matthew יונה Weintrub

Hey I'm Matt. I'm the Spiritual Director here. I'm the author of "The Psychedelic Origin of Religion", Angel Investor in Jai-Kisan.com and Executive Director of the Heal America DAO.